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    Thanks Nick and Michael for responding to our computer concerns over the busy New Year period .The fact that you are available ,are so accommodating to non-technical clients , and so swift in responding either remotely or in person ,is just so appreciated …………Brian Hunt, Entopia Wines




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Christmas is coming! What homework does Your Business need to do to get ready for the cloud?


Office 365, Exchange Online, tools that help you to collaborate from wherever you are, to share calendars and emails, talk to your colleagues, go from one computer to another; and have all your settings and files exactly where you had them – everything linked to your cloud account. Christmas break gives you time to think about strategies and the possibility to implement those changes within your organization and have minimum impact to your team.

There are endless opportunities and even more questions every Business Owner has in mind. What most of our clients think of is whether those changes will bring them more profits, less headache and worries, and how it may impact their bottom line.

Let’s just focus on one solution that lots of Businesses have heard off but not everyone has taken advantage of it. Up until now.

Part 1. Emails. Why Exchange Online and how easy it is to migrate your emails to it?

I meet around 60 business owners a week and almost 90% of them admit that they are “POPing” or “iMAPing” their emails from some kind of server. Some don’t know where it is coming from. Some say they use GMAIL for their emails but they are not exactly sure what it is and how it works.

Why and when do you need to change and why this is important?

Calendar Sync. Your calendar and availability is extremely important. Being able to give access to your appointments and get someone to help and schedule the next one at the time you are going to be free is critical in todays’ busy business life. You could restrict access to your private appointments or get your team to only see appointments they have created.

Email Access from anywhere. You no longer need to have different sets of folders on each computer. When you log in to your email via web browser you have access to the same folders you have across all of your devices. iPhone, iPad, Laptop or Office computers have the same email messages and folder structure including your send items. If you are required to archive every email that comes to your mailbox it is no longer a painful process. Set and forget, delete and don’t worry.

If your computer crashes. You no longer need to re-create your set of folders, re-create the email rules you have been setting up for the last five years. The emails from your ex will always go to Deleted Items folder and auto-responder will send yet another reply that you are away from the country and have no plans to return. And of course you no longer need to worry about the backup of your emails.

Why not GMAIL?

Gmail has limited compatibility with Outlook, the program that most people chose over the other email programs.

Why should you need to do it during the Christmas break?

Most businesses have quite a large number of emails and folders. If you have more than one person in the office you would probably need to migrate a lot of data to the email system. Whilst this process is pretty straight forward it will require some time to sync all of your emails between all of the devices. As well as you could have some spare time to test your new system and ask your IT guys all the necessary questions.

What do you need to do to minimize the cost and make the transition as smooth as possible?

  • Make sure you have your own domain. Emails from or aren’t considered as trustworthy. sound better as well as encourage your client to go and check your website. If you don’t have one you could set up a domain from or talk to your IT provider. Don’t worry about your existing email address. You could forward all of your emails from the existing provider to the new account without a need to let everybody know.
  • If you have your own domain make sure you have noted your web hosting provider details. Generally, these are the people who set your website up.
  • Have the list of your staff member ready. The ones that you would need to give the email addresses to. The typical setup looks – another team member.
  • – the emails will go to all 5 people in the group. – your own email address; – your fantastic manager.
  • Get your IT support all the above details and schedule the time over Christmas break to get this done!

Wishing you all a smooth transition in to the New Year!