Windows 8. Corrected Mistakes.

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Windows 8. Corrected Mistakes.

There is no progress without innovation, but sometimes bringing innovation to the world takes some time to be accepted.
Microsoft is a good example of a highly innovative company, and one that is used to taking risks; but its new software, ‘Windows 8’ was faced with a rather lukewarm reception in autumn last year.

Though many people purchased new laptops and tablets with Windows 8 pre-installed, there are still a vast majority who still use Windows 7. But will this be the case for a long? Will Microsoft get more users of Windows 8 with the upcoming upgrade? For me, being a Windows 8 owner, it’s crucial to know what the main changes in Windows 8.1 will be. Let’s have a look:

1. Start Button.
Users will find this in the familiar location of the screen (lower left corner). Left click – Metro interface, right click on the button will unroll the list of tasks among which you will find “Shut Down”, “Restart” options.


2. New options to create a unique interface

Now you may set your favorite pictures to your Start screen. By clicking on the flag in ‘Navigation’, your desktop picture and Start screen background can be synchronized. You also have an ability to set an animated background to your Start screen and have a digital photo frame running a slideshow on your lock screen. To do this, just keep your favorite pictures together in one folder and make sure you set the pathway to this folder in the slideshow settings.
Your application icons can be of four different sizes instead of two in the previous software version.

3. Applications are easier to organize

An arrow has been added to the Start screen (lower corner to the left) which allows the users to sort their apps as by the following: name, date of installation, frequency of usage, category.


4. Several active applications on your screen.

This is a new feature for tablets. With good resolution, it is possible to open four applications at one time.

5. Searching is faster and more efficient.

Now there is no need to open your browser to search for information. Just type the inquiry directly from the Start screen and Windows will provide you with all necessary information based on Bing searching engine. For example, I am a big fan of Depeche Mode and the results of my searching will be: link to the official website, Wikipedia page, Facebook, Windows Marketplace, YouTube videos, websites with MP3 tracks downloading etc.

6. Upgraded SkyDrive.
Your photos may be easily edited.

Metro app SkyDrive can be used as your files manager for working with local files as well as those located in your Cloud account.

The user will also find Internet Explorer 11 integration in the update; a new version of Windows Store, and new applications – but will this be enough to justify a claim of Windows 8 being a revolutionary new approach in operating systems? It appears as a different interface for a familiar software. Otherwise, as far as smartphones and tablets are concerned, Windows 8 and its further releases are a new benchmark in a contemporary digital market.


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