Wi-Vi – a new technology that lets you see through the wall

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Massachusetts Institute of Technology has developed a new scientific technology, called Wi-Vi. This tool allows the user to almost see through walls. It won’t cost you huge amount of money, and all you’ll need is your tablet or smartphone and Wi-Fi.

Wi-Vi traces any movement similar to how a submarine’s sonar works, and displays the received picture on the screen. As professor Dina Katabi from Massachusetts Institute of Technology said, “this know-how would be applicable among emergency services and law enforcement organizations.” Though according to Dina’s opinion, any home user could find it useful as well. But don’t get too excited just yet – the Wi-Vi technology won’t give you the ability to see the colour of underware of people changing their clothes in the next room. Wi-Vi can provide only low-resolution data; however, the Wi-Vi developers promise that it will be possible to recognize even faces in the nearest future.

How does it actually work?

Wi-Vi is based on the radar concept. It sends out Wi-Fi radio waves and receives the reflected signal. The signal will be mostly reflected from walls and objects such as tables, and also from people should there be any present in a room. An algorithm allows the recognition of people and their movements in that space. Technically, to use Wi-Vi you need only the same components found in someone’s smart-phone. Unlike the military and their expensive, bulky devices, you get a cheap, compact radar which is available to anyone.

Will it be accepted by society? Dina Katabi thinks that there’s no such thing as a bad technology, but only people’s misuse of it.


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