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    Thanks Nick and Michael for responding to our computer concerns over the busy New Year period .The fact that you are available ,are so accommodating to non-technical clients , and so swift in responding either remotely or in person ,is just so appreciated …………Brian Hunt, Entopia Wines




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Managed Services for IT – We Monitor Everything!

The advantages of choosing Res-q for managing your business IT needs include:

  • Managed Cloud
  • Keeping your business afloat
  • Networks that work
  • We monitor everything

Managed Cloud for your business needs

Res-q has partnered with one of the most innovative cloud providers on the market to bring your business everything it needs from a managed cloud solution.

By choosing Res-q for your Managed Cloud, you are investing in:

  • Improved IT efficiency
  • Agility and reliability
  • Business innovation
  • Targeted solutions for your specific IT requirements

We can help your business utilise our Managed Cloud service in a variety of ways, including:

  • Migrating your Exchange mail server to the cloud to ensure maximum uptime, ease of connectivity, and software upgrades at no additional cost
  • Moving your application and terminal services to the cloud for greater reliability
  • Migrating your company infrastructure to our Managed Cloud, eliminating the need to purchase and maintain your own hardware

Res-q’s Managed Cloud is a complete infrastructure-as-a-Service solution. To learn more about this service, contact the experts at Res-q today.

Keep your business afloat with Res-q’s Data Backup Services

Believe us when we say you do not want to see your small business suffer data loss. If you’d prefer not to spend days worrying about losing access to critical business files, ask Res-q about our Data Backup Services. This managed IT service provides your business with the option of instant recovery from any issues.

We take your important business documents, media files, and archives to a secure data storage facility, from which you can retrieve it all at any time, no matter the emergency.

Res-q’s Data Backup Services offers your business:

  • Protection against any disaster
  • Secure, bombproof data centre to hold your data
  • Automatic backup, with professional monitoring
  • All types of data backed up with minimum hassle
  • Immediate restoration and recovery in any emergency situations

Our Data Backup Services start from just $5 per month. Contact us to find out more information and to learn why your business needs Data Backup Services today – before it’s too late!

Networks that actually work

Network problems can be costly to resolve, especially if your business runs on a wired network. An issue with your network can bring your whole business to a standstill.

When you choose Res-q, you are choosing Perth’s IT specialists. We can build your business a solid, professionally installed network, so your business starts off on the right foot.

No matter your network requirements, Res-q’s expert technicians can ensure your network system will be reliable for years to come and is easy to maintain.

Contact Res-q today to discuss your network requirements.

We monitor everything so that you don’t have to

When you choose Res-q’s Managed IT Services Perth, we are dedicated to monitoring your business’s IT health so that you can get on with the important things – like running your successful business!

We will perform updates and checks automatically – no need for you to remind us. And we are always available for remote or onsite support should you need it. If your business needs a team of IT experts that you can rely on, contact Res-q to discuss your Managed IT Services needs today.

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Get a free consultation - talk to one of our IT experts and find out whats the best solution for you - Call 0865556500