Detect a spam sender – it’s easy!

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Detect a spam sender – it’s easy!


Have you ever wondered where all those weird e-mails come from, telling that you are a prince descendant since today or that you won $1 000 000 just for being nice and having this e-mail address? may become your personal detective as it determines the original sender in every part of the world. All you need is simply enter the e-mail address and the system will reveal the spammer. It may be even easier for you with the latest launch of iPhone and Android apps together with Chrome Plugin release for the site.
The website offers you to learn more about the owner of an e-mail as often these addresses connected to social networks such as Facebook, Foursquare, Flickr etc., where the senders have their profiles.

EmailSherlock allows you the feeling of security, the security of knowing who you are really dealing with in the faceless world of cyberspace. It allows the personal insight to judge the integrity of a person’s word.

Any individual you are enquiring about has a background in public record database (eVerify) that your ‘online detective’ has access to. All these significant information databases – criminal records, birth & marriage registers – can help you come to an informed decision on whether someone is trustworthy or not being 100% honest with you.
EmailSherlock authenticates the owner of an email address and lets you know if they are who they profess to be.

And don’t forget to read the comments left by other users while you investigate, as other people could have had similar experiences with the same e-mail addresses.
And the last but not the least – it’s completely free! No memberships or any other strings attached.

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