Upgrade your office phones and save money with Perth’s VoIP experts

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Upgrade your office phones and save money with Perth’s VoIP experts

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. VoIP, as the name suggests, is an alternative way of transmitting phone calls. Instead of sending your calls over the telephone network, the calls are sent securely via the internet – all without any changes to the way you, your staff or clients make and receive calls.

VoIP can:

  • Save you money
  • Provide modern features like presence detection
  • Be quickly and easily set up by a tech company

How does VoIP save my business money?

VoIP can often be accessed for free via services such as Skype, so all you have to pay is your monthly internet bill. If you want to completely replace your landline service with VoIP, you will need to have a VoIP capable phone system and work with a provider who supports VoIP. All the major telecommunication and internet service provider companies offer VoIP and the call costs are tiny in comparison to making standard phone calls, especially if you make a lot of international calls with customers, suppliers etc.

Like a mobile phone plan, you purchase a plan to cover the volume and types of calls you need to make. Unlike a traditional ‘landline’ VoIP services do not charge line rental (as it uses the internet, not the dedicated and ageing phone copper network), and this alone can save businesses with multiple telephone lines hundreds or thousands of dollars annually. Another key benefit is that phone calls made between employees (interoffice) are often not charged – even if employees work remotely.

If you are a company that has more than five or six telephone lines, your business may benefit hugely from VoIP technologies. Keep reading to find out more, or contact RES-Q to find out how we can set up VoIP for your business and start saving money now!

What kind of features can VoIP provide my business?

VoIP has endless potential and is one of the most successful new technologies the world has seen since the invention of the internet. VoIP systems provides all the features of a traditional telephone system as well as some cool tech features such as:

  • Integration with an office-wide contacts list from your Active Directory/Exchange or LDAP server.
  • Presence features combined with Instant Messaging/Chat for your office and remote workers. Instantly see if the person you need to speak to is available, busy or offline.
  • Modern reception consoles with a drag and drop interface operated as an application from the receptionist’s computer provides a visual and more efficient experience for receptionists managing a switchboard allowing them to manage higher call volumes easily
  • Softphones for mobile and laptops. Make calls via mobiles using your office VoIP system to reduce costs further. Stay more connected to your team on the road.
  • Videoconferencing allows you to have virtual meetings with people across the globe – creating a truly virtual office that is flexible and convenient for you, your employees, your business partners and clients.

All of this can be set up to work alongside the standard phone system (PABX) features you’ve come to depend on such as Automated Attendants (IVR), voicemail to email, fax to email, call forwarding, user-specific settings, public holiday rules, night mode etc.<
If you’re looking for a fully flexible, feature-packed communication solution for your business that is at the cutting edge of technology – VoIP is the answer.

Contact RES-Q today to learn more about the amazing benefits of VoIP.

Why should I use a tech company to set up VoIP in my business?

The decision to switch your business to VoIP will see you having to make decisions about not only your functionality requirements but also your IT infrastructure, internet connection and telephone handsets. You need a company with the technical capabilities to understand all the requirements and make recommendations to ensure your new VoIP system is integrated seamlessly with your business. As phones are usually mission critical to business, it is best to employ technology professionals to make sure you get it right the first time.

RES-Q can help – with our intimate knowledge of IT and communications, we can set up your VoIP system right the first time.

Contact us today to discuss your VoIP needs.

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Get a free consultation - talk to one of our IT experts and find out whats the best solution for you - Call 0865556500