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Why Dragon Naturally Speaking is legal practices’ #2 software? Some answers and “how-to’s” on the most popular product.

What is the documentation turn-around time in your business?   What happens if your

Dictation Software Solutions - Legal Practices #2 Software

Dictation Software Solutions – Legal Practices #2 Software

typist is sick or unavailable? You might experience business delays, huge back-logs or even miss deadlines if you’re not able to transfer your thoughts to paper fast enough. Res-Q IT has an easy solution for these problems by introducing Dragon NaturallySpeaking Dictation Software into your business.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking is changing the way businesses create letters and other documentation by allowing you to simply speak into a microphone, whilst still using all the programs you know and love. No more pain in the wrists or waiting on staff.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking uses a number of methods to convert speech to text. Most people already know that this can be done using a headset and dictating directly into a word document or email. Another way is by using a Nuance approved digital recorder, which allows the author to dictate directly into the recorder, with the recording downloaded to the computer once dictation has finished. Dragon can be setup to automatically transcribe any mp3, wav, wma, dss or ds2 audio file.

How to get the best results when using Dragon NaturallySpeaking with a digital recorder

  1. Set yourself up in a quiet room.
  2. Hold the digital recorder approximately 1-1.5 inches below the chin.
  3. Keep the recorder in the same position for the whole of your dictation (try to avoid moving the recorder around or leaving it on the desk when dictating).
  4. Avoid saying “um” and “ah” and mumbling. Speak clearly and evenly at a normal talking speed, using whole sentences. Do not shout into the microphone – speaking too loudly will distort your words and make it difficult for Dragon to understand and transcribe.
  5. Adding the punctuation while dictating is advisable. For example, if you need a new paragraph to be added you simply say “new paragraph”.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking also allows you to dictate directly into a MS Word document. When you dictate a letter or document, Dragon NaturallySpeaking allows you to save the audio file with the document, which will allow anyone to listen to the author’s dictation and correct mistakes when necessary.

5 benefits of using Dragon NaturallySpeaking Dictation Software

  1. No need for a typist.
  2. Speeds up document turn-around time.
  3. Allows you to create and respond to emails faster than ever before
  4. Edit and format documents by voice.
  5. Record up to 120 words per minute with up to 99% accuracy.


Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How can I easily add terms to the vocab? You can teach specific business related terms to Dragon by clicking on “Vocabulary” on the Dragon bar, then clicking on “Learn from specific documents”.  This will bring up a browse box for you to choose the folder that contains the documents for Dragon to check against.  It is best to have at least 20 documents scanned and make sure there are no spelling errors in the documents, as the errors will be added to the vocab.
  • Why is the accuracy lower than I expected? The biggest culprit for lower than expected accuracy is the headset or sound card on your computer.  If you have a headset that has two jacks that plug into the computer, then the computer’s sound card is not acceptable and the sound quality is poor, so Dragon is not getting a good sample rate.  The best fix for this issue is to add a Dragon approved USB sound adapter. Some headsets come with a USB sound adapter.
  • Why is Dragon running so slowly?  Dragon NaturallySpeaking is a resource hungry program.  It needs a lot of computer power to run efficiently.  If your computer is under the spec then you will see a greater lag from the time that you dictate to the time the program transcribes into a document. The best way around this is to upgrade your computer, add extra memory or close all other programs while you’re dictating.

Res-Q IT is Perth’s leading Dragon NaturallySpeaking trainers and can help with every aspect of the Dragon Program from purchasing and installation to support and training. With the proper know how, Dragon NaturallySpeaking can be a very efficient tool that saves you and your employee’s time and money.  Happy dictating!

This Article is provided by Res-Q IT Services.  If you require a demonstration of the software, training or support please contact David Lang at Res-Q IT on (08) 6555 6500 or via the website at www.res-q.com.au/contact-us